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Need A Prom Dress

 We have dresses available for loan. The Prom Dress Closet will open in January.

All dresses are new or barely used. Dresses are available for loan or purchase at a low price. The prom dress closet opens in January. 

Frequently Asked Questions 


Is there a theme for the Prom?  Yes, the 2025 Prom theme has been decided and will be announced soon! 


Is there a deadline for purchasing tickets?  Can I get my tickets at the door on Prom night?


The ticket purchase deadline is TBA at 12:00 PM or until sold out, whichever is first.   Understand that we must follow the capacity of the venues. If tickets are available, a limited number may be sold the day of, but must be purchased online.

 Please do not wait until the last day to purchase your ticket, especially if you are a senior!

NOTE:  If tickets sell out before April 18, we will post that on our website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Seniors especially:  Buy your tickets early!     We periodically announce how many tickets remain on our Facebook page: Timeless Cullman. We cannot stress this enough. When tickets are gone, they are gone.  Do not depend on someone else to have purchased your ticket.  


Tickets should be printed and brought with you to show at the door, or you may display it on your smartphone.


Who can attend the Prom?  Do I have to be homeschooled?

All homeschoolers in high school (9th through 12th grade), regardless of church cover school or address, are invited to attend The Cullman Homeschool Prom.  Additionally, a homeschooler may bring up to two non-homeschoolers as guests.  The minimum age is 14 —-for a homeschooler or a guest.  No attendee may be older than 19 on Prom night.  Also, anyone who attended the Prom as a Senior and graduated high school may attend the Prom the following year.  So, if you participated in the 2024 Prom and graduated high school, you can purchase a ticket and return it for the 2025 Prom.  (And we’d love to see you again!)

Do I have to be a member of a particular church cover school or co-op group to attend Prom? The Cullman Homeschool Prom is an inclusive event; any homeschooler is invited regardless of church cover school.  We have several different church-cover schools represented by members of our Planning Committee and many different church-cover schools represented by students attending the Prom.  


​I want to bring a guest, but I don’t know who it is yet.  How do I handle that?

You or your guest can purchase a ticket on our website whenever you decide who to invite. You don’t have to buy your tickets at the same time. If your guest is homeschooled, purchase a regular ticket. If your guest isn’t homeschooled, purchase the non-homeschooler ticket. Be sure to fill out your name when prompted under the question about who invited the guest.


Can my parents meet members of the Planning Committee to ask them questions face-to-face?

Of course!  We are parents, too, and we understand your parents may want to know who we are. Email us at, and we can schedule a time to meet during set up the day before prom.


Do I have to have a date to attend the Prom?  Do most kids come alone or with someone else? A date is absolutely NOT required!  Guests come with a group of friends, with one friend, with his/her siblings, cousins… or with a date.  Several church schools and co-ops have teens who come in a group.


Is there a dress code?  Is this a formal event?

Yes, this special occasion is a formal event, an evening for dressing up!  Attire for ladies is formal, semi-formal, and special occasion dresses. For gentlemen, appropriate attire includes tuxedoes, suits, or dress pants with a shirt, tie, and jacket: absolutely no jeans, t-shirts, or athletic shoes.  Dresses should be appropriately modest.  The Planning Committee leaves this decision to the ladies and their parents.  When shopping for your dress, please be sure to find something that is not only comfortable to wear but that will stay in place while dancing. We do not allow any attire that in any way resembles or reflects violence, indecency, or anything illegal.  Anyone wearing such attire will be turned away at the door and will not be refunded for their ticket.


Can my parents stay to watch the Prom?

No.  This is the teens’ special night, not the parents’.  We, parents, had our prom chance some time ago.  We know many teens come from out of town with their parents to attend The Cullman Homeschool Prom.  Parents can enjoy numerous options in the nearby downtown area before returning to pick up their teens at 10:00 pm.


What kind of music will be played at the Prom?  Can I make requests?

Music for the Prom will be provided again this year by a professional DJ playing various songs.  There will be no profanity; “clean” or “radio” versions of songs will be played.  The Planning Committee (comprised of parents and teens) works closely with the DJ to ensure no offensive music is played.  Ticket purchasers may send song requests by email to to allow the DJ time to prepare the setlist; please submit requests no later than April 1st! The Committee will consider all requests for appropriateness.


What will the evening be like?  Is there a schedule?

Yes, there is a schedule.  Times are not absolute yet; this schedule will be updated as needed.

6:00   Music Starts 

8:30   Prom King and Queen Announced

9:55   Last Dance



Will there be anything to eat at the Prom?  

Yes! There will be an array of hors devours and desserts. Punch and water will be served throughout the evening.



I heard there would be a Prom King and Prom Queen.  How are they selected?  Can I enter?


All homeschool Seniors attending the Prom are eligible to participate in the drawing for King and Queen. All senior names go into a raffle and the prom committee chooses.

***Please note:  A student may be considered a “Senior” for only one year for the Prom King and Prom Queen drawing.  If you are a senior this year but are not graduating until next year, please do not include yourself in the King/Queen drawing.


Will there be chaperones at the Prom?

Yes, there will be chaperones at the Prom.  Chaperones are selected from adult volunteers at the sole discretion of the Planning Committee.  The majority of our chaperones have been volunteers with the Prom for several years. Generally, only those involved with the Planning Committee can serve as chaperones.

If you would like to serve as a chaperone for this year's Prom or any future events,  please contact

Safety and security are our number one priority for all attendees of our events.


Are attendees allowed to come and go as they, please?  Can I leave to run to McDonald’s (or anywhere) and return to the Prom?

 No one is allowed to leave the venue and return to the Prom.  Once an attendee or guest leaves the Prom, they are not allowed to return since it is out of the control of the Planning Committee and Chaperones regarding what occurs while off-site.

My parents would like to help somehow… what can they do?

 The biggest thing parents (and teens) can do to help is to read these FAQs and adhere to these rules.  Read the terms on your ticket.  Once you purchase your ticket, you are bound by these rules.  If you have any questions, please ask us for clarification before Prom night –it gets crazy that night!

Parents, if your teen enjoys the Prom, please consider joining the Committee next year and staying on board until all your children have graduated high school.  We genuinely want this event to become a long-standing tradition in our area.

Will this ticket allow me into the T.H.E Huntsville Prom?  No!  The Cullman Prom is a separate event from the T.H.E. Huntsville Prom.  

Can I attend the Cullman Prom and the Huntsville Prom?  Absolutely!  Tickets for one event will NOT work at any other event You must purchase a ticket for each prom to attend both.

Are there any other rules or guidelines I should know about?

 As few as possible…. But we must have some to keep the Prom a safe, secure, and comfortable place for everyone.  Enjoy yourself and be considerate of everyone else!  

Additional Information...

Timeless Homeschool Events, Cullman has a ZERO tolerance policy for alcohol, drugs, smoking, or misconduct. Our chaperones will escort anyone necessary from the dance, and parents will be notified.


NO weapons, including any kind of gun or knife, of any sort, any kind, in any form, are allowed on the premises for any reason whatsoever.


Public displays of affection are unacceptable. This includes sitting on laps, making out, and inappropriate dancing (grinding, moshing, dirty dancing, twerking, etc.)


Outside food and drink are not allowed.


Any complaints or concerns should be brought directly to a Planning Committee member or chaperone. Enjoy yourself and be considerate of everyone else! If you still have any unanswered questions, please contact us at Refund Policy: Tickets are Non-Refundable. Please make sure you can attend before buying a ticket.


By purchasing a ticket, you agree to hold Timeless Homeschool Events Cullman, as well as all agents and volunteers, blameless for possible accidents or injuries. 


Refund Policy: Tickets are Non-Refundable. Please make sure you can attend before buying a ticket.

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