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T.H.E Fall Dance - Autumn GLO!


Bon Fire

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Glo DAnce



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We are so excited to bring Fall Dance to Cullman.  We have been doing this in Huntsville since 2015 and itis our second most popular event behind prom. We will now have fall dance in three locations throughout Alabama for all homeschoolers and their non-homeschool guests to enjoy: Huntsville, Cullman, Gulf Shores (Oct 2025)! We have kids driving from all over Alabama to Huntsville to attend events, so we thought we would bring the events to the kids so they would not be driving across the state. Each location has a slightly different themed fall dance.

What is Fall Dance? 
A "fall dance" typically refers to annual school dance event or social gathering held during the autumn season where kids come together to enjoy music, dancing, and have a good time.

What will Fall dance be in Cullman?
Fall dance in Cullman is our  Autumn Glo.  It is a fire themed Glow Party that combines the exhilaration of glowing neon colors with the intensity and warmth of a fiery atmosphere. It is a dance combined with a bonfire and a cook out.  


Fall Dance FAQ'S 


When and where is the Fall Dance?

It will be held on November 1st, 2024, from 6 pm to 9 pm at the Barn at Lake Catoma. This is an indoor / outdoor event on the lake.  We will have an indoor dance floor, an open fire pit, a lakeside deck.

When will tickets go on sale?  

Ticket sales begin August 1st. RSVP and Discord Members can purchase Early Bird Tickets in July.  A limited number of Early Bird tickets will be available for $20.  Regular-priced tickets are then $25.  Late tickets are $35. Tickets are expected to sale out and once they are gone, they are gone.


Is there a deadline for purchasing tickets? Can I get my tickets at the door during the Fall Dance?

Tickets are expected to sell out, so please get them as soon as possible, we do not like to turn people away.   If tickets do not sale out, they will be available for $40 the day of up until an hour before the dance , but must still be purchased online. 


Tickets will NOT be sold at the dance. Anyone without a ticket will not be allowed access to the dance.  Tickets are expected to sell quickly! We periodically announce how many tickets are still available on our Facebook page and Instagram.  Please make sure you purchase a ticket.  Do not depend on someone else to have bought your ticket.  Tickets must be printed and brought with you; if you cannot access a printer, you can have your QR code scanned at ticket check-in.  

What if we have a change of plans and cannot attend? Can I get a refund?

There are no refunds. The reason why is when we book an event, we pay for our venue, food, DJ, decor and vendors upfront. 


 Tickets may be transferred to another attendee before October 15th; tickets transferred on the day of the event may not be valid. Please beware of ticket transfer scams! During some events, we have found that a student will sell their ticket to someone as a transfer but will still come to the event and check in themselves. If you buy a ticket from someone else and they have arrived before you and checked in, you will NOT be allowed to enter the event! If you need to transfer your ticket, please contact us  to assist you; our email


Who can attend the Fall Dance? Do I have to be homeschooled?
All homeschoolers in high school (9th through 12th grade), regardless of church cover school or address, are invited to attend Timeless Homeschool Events Fall Dance. As a high school homeschooled student, you may invite up to two non-homeschooled guests. Every attendee's minimum age is 14 on the night of the event.  NO ONE may be older than 19 on the night of the Fall Dance.  

How do I let you know who my non-homeschooled guests are? 
You can invite up to two non-homeschooled guests. These guests will need to purchase the non-homeschooler ticket. During registration, our non-homeschooled guests will be asked who invited them, and there will be a place to fill in the invitee's name. Be sure to only invite up to two. Only two non-homeschooled guests per person will be admitted; any others will not be allowed to attend the dance, nor will they have their tickets refunded. If you need assistance transferring your tickets, send us an e-mail before October 1st to  You may also try to get assistance in transferring your ticket via Ticketspice help section.  

Do I have to be a member of a specific church cover school or co-op group to attend THE Fall Dance?
T.H.E Fall Dance is an inclusive event; any homeschooler is invited regardless of cover school. We have several different church cover schools represented by members of our Planning Committee.  We have many different church cover schools represented by students attending our events. We have had homeschool students from all over Alabama, including Toney, Elkmont, Albertville, Florence, Birmingham, Montgomery…. and from Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida!

Do I have to have a date to attend THE Fall Dance? Do most kids come alone or with someone else?
A date? Not required! Guests come with a group of friends, with one friend, with his/her siblings, cousins… or with a date. Several church schools and co-ops have teens that come in groups.


Is there a dress code? Is this a formal event?
This is not a formal event, but many use fall dance for their homecoming dance; therefore, it is fine to dress up but not required. We do not allow any attire that in any way resembles or reflects violence, indecency, or anything illegal. Anyone wearing such clothing will be turned away at the door and will not be refunded for their ticket.

Can my parents stay to watch THE Fall Dance?
No. This is the teens’ special night, not the parents’. Parents had their school dances some time ago.  We know that many teens come from out of town with their parents to attend T.H.E. Fall Dance. Parents can enjoy numerous options nearby before returning to pick up their teens at 10:00. PLUS, parents are welcome to sign up to volunteer!  If interested in volunteering, have your parents send us an email at


Will there be a professional photographer at THE Fall Dance?


We are planning to have a 360 photo booth, but there will be multiple photo ops. You may bring your phone and take all the pictures you want.  Timeless Homeschool Events will be taking photos for an advertisement throughout the dance. By attending, you consent to use your picture as part of our publicity.

What kind of music will be played at THE Fall Dance? Can I make requests?
Music for the Fall Dance will be provided by a professional DJ playing various songs. All music played will be clean, with no profanity, and radio edit versions. The Planning Committee (comprised of parents and teens) works closely with the DJ to ensure no offensive music is played. You may make song requests by emailing; the Committee will consider all requests for appropriateness.


Will there be anything to eat at THE Fall Dance? Yes!  We will have burgers, dogs, chips and a variety of sweets.

Will there be chaperones at THE Fall Dance?
Yes, there will be chaperones at the Fall Dance. Chaperones are selected from adult volunteers at the sole discretion of the Planning Committee. Generally, only those involved in the Fall Dance Committee can serve as chaperones. If you would like to serve as a chaperone for the Fall Dance, please contact Jennifer at

Are attendees allowed to come and go as they please?

Can I leave to run to McDonald’s (or anywhere) and then return to T.H.E. Fall Dance?
No one is allowed to leave the building and then return to the Fall Dance. Once an attendee or guest leaves the dance, they are not allowed to return since it is out of the control of the Fall Dance Committee and Chaperones regarding what occurs while off-site.


My parents would like to help somehow… what can they do?
VOLUNTEER- We are always in need of volunteers. Without volunteers, the dance cannot happen! Email T.H.E at for volunteer information.

Additional Information...

Please be advised that we will have security present. We will have metal detecting wands present. If you have a pocket knife or mace, check them with our security desk. They will put your items in a plastic bag with your information.  You may pick items up before leaving the venue. ALL VAPES WILL BE THROWN AWAY! If we catch you with a vape inside our events, you will be asked to leave and banned from ALL Timeless Events!

Timeless Homeschool Events Fall Dance has a ZERO tolerance policy for alcohol, drugs, smoking, or misconduct. If you are found to violate these policies, you will be escorted from the dance with a phone call to your parents.  A refund WILL NOT be issued.

NO weapons, including any gun or knife, of any sort, any kind, in any form, are allowed on the premises for any reason whatsoever. Any Violations of the above rules will result in being banned from any of our events!

Public displays of affection are unacceptable. This includes sitting on laps, making out, and inappropriate dancing (grinding, moshing, dirty dancing, twerking, etc.)

Outside food and drink are not allowed.

Any complaints or concerns should be brought directly to a Planning Committee member or chaperone.

Enjoy yourself and be considerate of everyone else!

If you still have any unanswered questions, don't hesitate to get in touch with us at

Security will be present, along with Huntsville City Police Officers.

COVID-19​​ & any Communicable Illness
​​Everyone’s health and safety is vital to us. All precautions will be taken to protect those attending any Timeless Homeschool Events.  By attending this event, you acknowledge that T.H.E. will not be held liable for any illness.  If you are sick, PLEASE stay home!


Refund Policy: Tickets are non-refundable.

There will be no refunds. If there is severe weather (tornados, snow storm, hurricane), the event will be rescheduled on a different date. If you cannot make the makeup date, we will issue you a credit to be used at any of our other events.

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